David Beckham and Victoria Beckham with sons Romeo and CruzDavid and Victoria Beckham have described their family life in a new interview with Hello! Canada.

After 11 years together, Posh and Becks give a rare glimpse into the "fortunate" life they share with their sons Brooklyn, 11, Romeo, eight, and Cruz, five, and reveal how their marriage stays so strong.

On their discipline style:
"We're both disciplinarians, but the kids are very free-spirited. I'm a good morning person so I'm up early and get them riled up for the day. David's not good first thing. He's a bloody miserable sod."
David: "I'm fine after a coffee."

On Romeo's new cell phone:
Victoria: "Romeo just got a cell phone. He got a little Pay As You Go. It's good for him because he loves to text."
David: "It's the same phone as Justin Bieber's, so he's obsessed. He's been phoning my mum at 3am because he doesn't know about the time difference between LA and the UK."

On teaching their kids gratitude:
Victoria: "The kids don't feel entitled at all. As a family, we do charity projects, 99% of which we're really quiet about. Brooklyn is starting to learn more about charities and is taking his responsibilities seriously as someone who is in the public eye. He really loves it and the boys all want to do what they can to help. We do it as a family and really enjoy it."

On raising polite kids:
"People always compliment the boys on their manners and that's a compliment to me and David and our parents. They realise they're in a privileged position. They're free spirits - they run around and sing and laugh, but they've got manners."
David: [laughing] "They can also swear in sign language!"
Victoria: "We're all learning sign language because one of our friends is deaf. So, of course, the first thing Cruz, who is five, wanted to learn was how to say, 'I have gas,' and the 's' word. He also wanted to know what other swear words were."

On how the boys react to seeing racy pics of mum & dad in the media:
David: "They say, 'Eww, gross!'"
Victoria: "And 'make out, make out, make out!' or 'snog, snog, snog!'"

On keeping the spark alive:
Victoria: "We're soulmates. We're so lucky to have each other."
David: "We always make time for each other. Our boys are our main priority, but we have a date night every Wednesday."