Does your child have a wardrobe to rival that of Suri Cruise? Do you have any idea how many items of clothing your children have? Twenty? Thirty? Well according to a new survey, the average child has in excess of 154 items of clothes in their wardrobe, with a value of £1,677.

And, in a move that could well be down to the 'Suri Effect', four out of 10 children are now dressed in designer clothes by the age of two!

Research undertaken by Sheila's Wheels revealed that British mums and dads pay out an average £764 a year to keep their kids in trendy togs, whilst 6% spend a whopping £1500! The average childs' shoe bill alone comes to £190 a year. Remember when you had winter shoes and summer sandals, and that was it?

A third of the parents polled said their offspring turned their nose up at hand-me-down items, and more than a quarter of parents admitted they feel guilty if they do not splash out on the latest trends.

Jacky Brown, spokesperson for Sheilas' Wheels home insurance said: 'It used to be kids who followed in their parents' footsteps but now it seems children are leading the way when it comes to keeping up with expensive fashion trends.'

HOW ridiculous? What value would you put on your kids' wardrobes?
Do you rely on bargains and hand-me-downs, or do you splash the cash when it comes to your children's togs?