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Councils are asking parents to show their kids' birth certificates if they put in a request for a bigger wheelie bin - to prove they are not lying about the number of children they have!

The Telegraph reports that inspectors are being dispatched to quiz families who produce more waste than average and want a larger bin, and are even checking they are adequately recycling.

Householders in Scotland have been issued with smaller bins and fortnightly collections after landfill reduction targets were introduced. The Scottish Government wants to reduce landfill by 95% by 2025. This has reportedly left many families struggling to manage with just one small bin.

Those who request an 'upgrade' to a larger dustbin - which are only dished out if certain criteria are met - are subjected to inspection. Officials can check birth certificates and rifle through families' bins to ensure they are not filling them with rubbish which could be recycled.

One mum told the Telegraph that an officer who made a home visit asked for her two-year-old daughter's birth certificate when she requested a bigger bin. The shocked mum said it was a waste of time and money as she could have easily copied and posted off the document.

Doretta Cocks, a member of the campaign for Weekly Waste Collection, told the paper: "This is astonishing. These visits are a complete invasion of privacy.


Families shouldn't have to put up with someone coming to their home to interrogate them or rifle through their rubbish


Currently, families in Scotland with two or more young children, or those with medical conditions which produce extra waste, can upgrade their standard issue 240 litre bins to a 360 litre one, but may be charged up to £60 to do so, and in some areas, will be inspected first.

In Falkirk, residents who want an upgrade are made to keep a 'waste diary' to make sure they are recycling. The diaries are then reviewed by the council, and if appropriate, a visit is made by officials to see if a new bin should be issued!

This seems a little OTT! Have you had to battle to get a bigger bin?
Do you live in one of the Scottish regions these rules apply to? Or do you think we DO throw away too much rubbish?

Bet wheelie bin size isn't a consideration for these large celeb families!