Sometimes, it can feel like pregnancy goes on forever, but this expectant mum of twins has come up with a radical solution - trying to dance herself into labour!

In this utterly brilliant YouTube video, the 20-something mum is so exasperated by her unborn babies' refusal to show themselves after 38 weeks, that she puts on a CD and grooves away with her toddler daughter singing along to "Baby, Baby".

But her singing is the least of it. She also runs on the spot, does high kicks, standing splits and finales with eye-watering floor splits at the end of her almost four minute-long routine that has been viewed by around 200,000 people.

But there was STILL no sign of her new sons.

The American mum starts her video with the message: "After 38 weeks pregnant with twins, 4cm dilated and 70% effaced, I've tried everything but this..."

And she ends it with the message: "They're never coming out, ever!" and, "I hope that wasn't too disturbing" after she collapses, exhausted after her energetic kitchen routine.

One view wrote: "Couldn't stop ever." While another said: "I'm 16 and not pregnant and I couldn't do that!"