A seven-year-old boy with special needs was reportedly shut in a windowless 'seclusion room' for up to four times a week over a five month period.

His outraged parents are now suing the school in Arizona.

Eric and Leslie Noyes allege their son - named only as TN in court papers - was fed sugary foods (despite him being on a 'very strict controlled diet') by staff who then went on to punish him by putting him in the seclusion room when his sugar intake caused his behaviour to deteriorate.

The couple say the little boy was put in a room with 'dimensions approximately five feet by six feet, and seven feet high, which was located on the lowest floor of the school building'.

The room - which the school calls a 'cool down room' was, the boy's parents say 'padded with vinyl covered tack materials' and had no windows, meaning that that a child shut in there could not see beyond its four walls.

TN's parents further allege that when taking him into the room, teachers punished him by 'grabbing him and dragging him down the hallway, forcing his head down toward the floor with two teachers on either side which [caused] TN to fall on more than one occasion, causing injuries'.

They also claim that a staff member once fell on top of their son, and also dropped him on his head.

The couple secretly filmed the seclusion room earlier this year. It was aired on a news segment by CBS 5 News in America and the footage showed through the padded door into the room, which was completely empty of any furniture.

The Noyes say their little boy was isolated in the room as often as four times a week from October 2011 through to February 2012, yet the school only notified them that they had secluded him twice - breaking their own protocol on such matters.

The family are now seeking general and compensatory damages for alleged assault and battery, false imprisonment, negligence, gross negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

What an awful 'punishment' regime for any school to have in place.