New research from Parentdish: A third of parents have a favourite child

New research from Parentdish released today shows a third of mums have a favourite child.

In our extensive survey of 2,212 mums and dads - The State of Parenting Today - the shocking news was that 34% of mums, and 28% of dads admitted to having a favourite child.

Over half of the parents we asked - 54% - admitted to lying about their family's weekend plans to friends and other parents, with more mums fibbing about family life than dads. Just over 20% of mums lie about holiday plans, and 18% tell porkies about the after-school activities their children take part in.

Dads are more likely to lie about their children's school grades and achievements than mums.

We also found dads are quicker at changing nappies than mums! Women take an average of two minutes, five seconds, whereas men only take one minute, 36 seconds...It's on, guys!

More than one in five parents felt pressured to buy their kids the latest gadgets to 'fit in' with other parents.

Most mums return to work for financial reasons (63%), with only 10% feeling it was important to go back to work after having children to develop their career.

Sixty one per cent of dads felt they are taking on their share of parental responsibilities, whereas only 54% of mums agreed with this - or perhaps we're too bossy about the 'right' way.

Our research also highlighted the difficulties and pressures of raising a family, showing that although overall outlook was positive and that British parents are happy, 42% felt that things could be better with their children, 17% felt that they were going through a stressful time, and – perhaps surprisingly – only 6% felt tired.

A massive 92% of parents said it was all worth it though.

Of those parents surveyed, 42% said unconditional love and affection were the things that made them happiest about being a parent. But Sunday lie-ins (40%) and money (38%) were the things they missed most.

And asked who were their favourite celebrity role model, This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby came out top of the mums with 23% and David Beckham top of the pops with 20%, ahead of Kate Moss, Lily Allen, Adele, Brad Pitt, Gary Barlow, Cherie Blair, Prince Charles and Jamie Oliver.

Commenting on the findings, Parentdish editor, and mum of three Tamsin Kelly said: "We were shocked that parents would admit to having a favourite child. Our children may need different levels of attention at different times, but they should be growing up knowing they are loved equally and unconditionally, for their different personalities and talents, not having to measure up against a favourite sibling and found wanting.

"Dads changing nappies quicker than mums was a surprise to me, although I am glad to see more dads getting stuck into this side of parenting. But do they do all the babygrow poppers, that's the question?

"I'm not surprised that mums and dads exaggerate their weekend plans though. A brave few are going to admit to slugging in front of the TV when competitive parents are pronouncing on educational concerts and Saturday classes."

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