Katie Price has spoken of her worry for her unborn baby after she was hospitalised overseas amid fears of a premature delivery.

Katie had been on holiday with new husband Kieron Hayler in Spain when the drama unfolded. Her amniotic sack – the bag of water protecting the baby in the womb – tore and began to leak, leading her to believe her waters had broken and labour was imminent.

Katie reportedly went on to spend two weeks in hospital, but is now confident her baby will be OK and delivered soon.

The Sun reports that the 35-year-old has been on three drips of antibiotics, water and a medication to stop contractions and prevent infection setting in.

Katie tweeted from her sick bed to thank her fans for their 'kind messages of support during this challenging time', adding that it was 'lonely here but Kieran & Harvey are keeping my spirits up!'

The 32 weeks pregnant model and businesswoman told the Sun: "I feel like I've been through hell over the past 13 days, but I just thank God I went straight to hospital and got things under control. I would advise any pregnant mum to do the same.

"My baby was in danger, but between the medical staff here and my doctor in London, I am in good hands and have to believe that all will be well."

The paper reports that Katie will now remain in the Spanish hospital until her baby is born by Caesarean section in the coming days.

The worried mum said she did not know 'what to expect from the next few days' and that she just wanted her baby out.

"I will feel much safer knowing it is out and in an incubator," she said, adding that she refused an air ambulance flight back to the UK because her medics could not guarantee it was 100 per cent safe for her to fly.

Katie, who is mum to Harvey, 11, Junior, eight, and Princess,five, married her third husband Kieron in January, and announced her pregnancy shortly after. She has admitted it has been her hardest one yet, and left her feeling at her 'biggest', exhausted, and in pain with her back.