Duchess of Cambridge

The Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant with twins! She isn't really (she hasn't mentioned it to us, anyway), but that hasn't stopped an American gossip magazine proclaiming 'the thrilling news that shocked the palace' on its cover.

The claims have been made by the US version
of OK! Magazine. Its coverlines shout: "Pregnant Kate TWINS!"

Followed by: "Kate says she's loving her 'mommy weight'" and "William tells queen he wants two daughters."

But inside the mag, it would seem the Duchess isn't pregnant after all: the couple have just been talking about it, well, at least according to a 'source'.

The 'source' revealed to the March 17 issue that the Royal couple have been planning a pregnancy since the beginning of the year, despite Prince George being just seven months old, and apparently it is Prince William who is keen to have twins.

The 'source' said: "She and William had been trying since January. Wills told the queen (sic) he'd love to have at least two daughters. With all the boys in his family, he's trying to even up the balance."

The 'source' added: "Everyone expected them to wait until George was a year old before trying again, to give her body a chance to rebalance its hormones. But Kate feels so fantastic and healthy right now, there's no reason to wait."

So she's not expecting then? So the coverline is an hysterical flam-up? So Wills confided in an unnamed source that he'd told the Queen (notice the initial cap: Her Maj is THE!) he wants two daughters?

We look forward to next week's 'Kate expecting quads' follow-up.

It's not the first time Kate has been rumoured to be pregnant with twins.